Ensure Contractor

Efficiently manage, train and ensure compliance of your contractors. Simplify documentation processes and automate control and verification tasks.

Certifications Management with Qualid

Manage employee certifications effortlessly with Qualid's comprehensive solution. Our platform simplifies the certification process and ensures compliance with training requirements.

Certification Tracking

Track employee certifications, licenses, and credentials in one centralized system for easy monitoring.

Automated Renewal Reminders

Set up automated reminders for certification renewals to ensure compliance and avoid lapses.

Certification Compliance

Stay compliant with regulatory requirements by tracking and managing employee certifications effectively.

Certification Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports on employee certifications status, training history, and compliance metrics.

Advanced Features for Certification Management

Explore the advanced features that Qualid offers for certification management:

Custom Certification Paths

Create customized certification paths tailored to different job roles, departments, or career levels.

Training Integration

Integrate certifications seamlessly with training programs to ensure employees are adequately prepared.

Certification Expiry Rules

Set up rules and criteria for certification expiration, including grace periods and renewal requirements.

External Certification Tracking

Track external certifications and credentials obtained by employees for comprehensive talent management.

Benefits of Using Qualid for Certification Management

Unlock numerous benefits by leveraging Qualid's certification management capabilities:

Centralized Management

Manage all employee certifications from a single, centralized platform for streamlined administration.

Compliance Assurance

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and internal standards by tracking certification requirements and deadlines.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate risks associated with expired or outdated certifications by receiving timely renewal reminders and alerts.

Employee Development

Facilitate employee development and career progression by providing clear paths and opportunities for skill enhancement.