May 2024

Versión 2.4

Release Date: may 9, 2024

Status: in construction

We're thrilled to announce that Quays, our cutting-edge platform for contractor management and quality assurance, is now officially launched! After months of development and rigorous testing, we're excited to bring you a powerful solution that will transform the way you manage contractors and uphold quality standards in your organization.

With Quays, you can streamline contractor onboarding, track compliance, conduct assessments, and ensure seamless collaboration across your projects. Our intuitive interface and robust features make it easier than ever to maintain control and drive excellence in your operations.

Key Modules:

Contractor: Simplify contractor management with our Contractor module. With Quays, you can centralize all contractor-related information, including contact details, documentation, certifications, and performance evaluations. Our platform enables you to streamline the contractor onboarding process, manage compliance with regulatory requirements, and ensure workplace safety.

Training: Empower your teams with our Training module. Quays provides tools for planning, tracking, and managing training programs. You can assign specific courses, track employee progress, and maintain detailed training records. With our focus on continuous learning, you can strengthen your team's skills and enhance overall performance.

Document: Simplify document management with our Document module. Quays allows you to store, organize, and share documents securely and efficiently. From policies and procedures to certificates and contracts, you can easily access the information you need and keep documentation up to date. With version control and access permissions features, you can ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your documents at all times.

These are just a few of the key modules we offer in Quays. With our comprehensive platform, you can optimize contractor management, strengthen your team's training, and maintain a solid documentation foundation to support your operations.

Get ready to experience a new standard in contractor management with Quays. Sign up today and discover how our platform can help you achieve greater efficiency, compliance, and quality in your projects.