Ensure Contractor

Efficiently manage, train and ensure compliance of your contractors. Simplify documentation processes and automate control and verification tasks.

Configure and Conduct Assessments with Qualid

Empower your organization with Qualid's flexible assessment capabilities. Our platform allows you to easily configure and conduct assessments tailored to your specific needs.

With Qualid's Assessment feature, you can:

  • Customize assessment templates to match your unique requirements.
  • Assign assessments to individuals or groups with just a few clicks.
  • Track assessment progress and results in real-time for actionable insights.
  • Analyze assessment data to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

Key Features of Qualid's Assessment Tool

Discover the key features that make Qualid the ideal platform for assessments:

Customizable Templates

Create assessment templates that align with your organization's goals and objectives.

Effortless Assignment

Easily assign assessments to individuals or groups based on roles, departments, or projects.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor assessment progress and results in real-time to ensure timely completion.

Comprehensive Analytics

Gain valuable insights from assessment data to drive informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Benefits of Using Qualid for Assessments

Unlock numerous benefits by leveraging Qualid's assessment capabilities:


Adapt assessment processes to suit changing business needs and requirements.


Streamline assessment workflows and eliminate manual tasks for improved efficiency.


Gain valuable insights into employee performance, training needs, and organizational strengths.

Continuous Improvement

Drive continuous improvement initiatives based on data-driven assessment results.

Advanced Assessment Features

Explore the advanced features that set Qualid apart for assessment management:

Question Bank

Build a repository of questions and items to create diverse and comprehensive assessments.

Assessment Automation

Automate assessment workflows with scheduled assessments, reminders, and result notifications.

Custom Scoring

Define custom scoring criteria and weightage for assessments tailored to your evaluation needs.

Interactive Assessments

Create engaging assessments with multimedia content, interactive elements, and branching scenarios.