Investor Plan

Versión 1.4

Published Date: may 9, 2024

Status: Open

Stage: 1

The platform currently, it is in Stage 1, about to launch a minimum viable product. Concept tests have already been conducted, and an initial version of the platform is being used in several companies. Quays' goals are to integrate different systems that have already been tested and market them as software as a service (SAAS).

Investment Proposal

We are seeking Angel Investors and offering three investment slots to cover initial costs, infrastructure, marketing and production rollout, as the product is 80% complete and a market opportunity has been identified.

Name Status Price
Slot A Available $4,000.00
Slot B Available $4,000.00
Slot C Available $4,000.00

Investment Details

When purchasing a slot, the platform commits to delivering 8% of quarterly net income for a period of 3 years. Once this period is completed, the slot and its respective contract expire

We want to emphasize that our platform has a fee policy wherein we commit to refunding 8% of net income for each slot over a 3-year period. While we understand that this policy may seem restrictive and could impact initial growth, we are willing to take on that risk. Furthermore, we are open to renegotiating fees in the future or even releasing new slots to meet long-term objectives.

We fully understand the risks associated with investing in a new product in the market. We recognize that every product needs time to mature and be accepted by the end user. We are committed to working collaboratively with our investors to overcome these challenges and achieve success in the medium and long term.

Instead of offering shares, we are providing investors who acquire slots the opportunity to receive preferred interests or dividends on their investment. This will provide them with a financial return based on the profits generated by the company.

Investor Benefits

  • Access to all administrative info, such as performance reports, financial statements and others reports.
  • Participation in decision-making focused on the platform's growth plan.
  • Regular financial returns based on the company's generated profits, without the need to acquire shares.


The total amount will be distributed across the following categories, which we deem necessary for the production rollout and launch of the platform.

The investment amount is aimed at covering operational and marketing expenses to enable full functioning for 3 years.

Description Amount

Maintenance Infrastructure (3 years)

Expenses on infrastructure to keep the platform running Database, Frontend and Backend Servers, Emails, AWS and Security are estimated at around $120.00 per month, guaranteeing a minimum of 36 months.


Advertising and Marketing


Features Development

303.63 programming hours for complet the MVP


Reserve for Unexpected Expenses

15% of the total budget


Legal and Compliance Expenses




To acquire the slots, you can reach us at, and we will provide you with financial information and a payment link to assist you in making the final decision.

Once the slots are filled, the seed capital or angel investor investment round will be closed. Write us if you want to receive more information about, market opportunity, value proposition, growth strategy and business model